Go Fund Me appeal saves British couple trapped in hospital on Koh Samui

Go Fund Me appeal saves British couple trapped in hospital on Koh Samui



Rory Sadlier and Aby Harrison


Generous donors on the online money raising platform Go Fund Me have come to the rescue of a British couple who were left with a large medical bill after being involved in a motorcycle accident in Thailand. 


Rory Sadlier and Aby Harrison from Tunbridge Wells in the UK, were on honeymoon on Koh Tao when they were involved in a motorcycle accident. 


After arriving at the island on 7 July, the couple rented a motorbike which they say had faulty brakes.


Ms Harrison said the pair were involved in the accident as they were going to the beach.



Picture: Go Fund Me page


“We soon found ourselves on a tiny steep road where our brakes failed, Ms Harrison told Kent Online. 


"We collided with the barrier and were thrown over into a rocky ravine.


"My husband Rory was able to climb up and scream for help while I stayed at the bottom”.


Rescue teams eventually hauled the couple to safety and took them to Koh Tao hospital, before they were later transferred by emergency speedboat to a hospital on Koh Samui for further treatment.



Picture: Go Fund Me page


After receiving the treatment they were presented with a medical bill for £12,000, almost 463,000 baht. 


Despite having insurance, the couple’s insurance company would only cover some of the cost, leaving the couple needing to find £6,675 to pay the remainder of the bill.


The hospital had told the couple they would only release their passports once the bill had been paid in full.


The couple then launched an appeal on Go Fund Me and managed to raise the funds needed to pay the medical bills.


Kent Online reported the couple, who work as carers, have now returned to the UK.


An update posted on the Go Fund Me page on 16 July read:


Bruised, Battered, Broke & Stitched Up, We are home, without the support on here that would not be possible ❤️, Abi & I will be going straight to A&E from the Airport. We are so lucky to have such amazing people in our lives. From the bottom of our hearts thank you so so much! 


The news comes as Thailand is considering making travel insurance compulsory for all foreign tourists.


The new policy, which will reportedly cost just 20 baht for 30 days cover is expected to be rolled out before the end of the year.


All proceeds from the insurance policy would go to Thailand’s Tourism Promotion Fund and be used to cover payments whenever a tourist makes a claim.


The aim of the policy is to reduce the burden on the Thai healthcare system from foreigners who visit Thailand without adequate insurance and are then involved in an accident.


Earlier this year, officials said that foreigners cost the Thai state some 300 million baht annually in unpaid medical bills.


The policy will also help boost confidence amongst foreign tourists, officials said. 


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