Pattaya must stay one step ahead of terrorists, says council president

Pattaya must stay one step ahead of terrorists, says council president



Picture: Sophon Cable TV


The President of Pattaya City Council has told the media that the resort must stay one step ahead of terrorists. 


To do this officials must start by ensuring that CCTV cameras are working. 


Anan Angkhanawisan told a high level meeting at City Hall that bad people such as terrorists are getting ever more devious and Pattaya must stay ahead of them to ensure the safety of tourists in the resort. 


He was particularly referring to the provision of CCTV cameras in Pattaya.


He said that costs would inevitably be high but that is what is expected a world class resort like Pattaya.


Collecting evidence in the case of criminal acts was very important, he told officials. 


Anan was speaking in the wake of the bombings in Bangkok and other outrages in Hua Hin (in 2016) reported Sophon Cable TV on Facebook. 


Firstly Anan ordered that all those involved check that the cameras are actually working. 


Then they must check that existing cameras are pointing in the right direction and are in appropriate areas. 


Reports must be made on these matters as a matter or urgency. 


He also suggested that experts on CCTV were needed to increase the cameras' efficiency. 


He stressed that budgets for security in terms of cameras should be reviewed for the 2020 financial year. 


Source: Sophon Cable TV




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