Online petition calling for TM30 to be scrapped gains momentum

Online petition calling for TM30 to be scrapped gains momentum




Thousands of expats are backing a petition calling for Thailand’s Immigration Bureau to scrap the controversial TM.30 reporting requirement.


The petition, which has been launched by a group of Isaan based expats, can be found at


At the time of posting, the petition had already secured support from more than 3,400 people.


The aim is to get 10,000 people to sign the petition. Once the target is reached a letter will  be sent to the Prime Minister of Thailand, the Head of the Immigration Division of Thailand and Head of the Foreign Affairs. 


The petition was launched following growing discontent amongst the expat community in Thailand regarding the now strict implementation of Article 37 of the Immigration Act.


While Article 37 is not a new requirement, it was seldom enforced in previous years. However, it has recently become the subject of strict enforcement by some immigration offices in Thailand.


Article 37 requires any foreigner who stays in Thailand to report to immigration whenever they stay at a different address for more than 24 hours.


“There are 77 provinces in Thailand. This means if a foreign teacher lives in Buriram and decides to spend a weekend in Surin, on Monday morning, he can't teach. He must report to immigration. Even if he stays with his wife and children, and the landlord (his wife) must also report to immigration with a form TM30,” reads the petition website. 


“Up until 2018 the use of form TM30 has never been strictly enforced. But now foreigners and Thai people are being fined for not having filed the form TM30 on returning to their home address following a weekend in another province. This reporting also applies to tourists but it is the duty of the hotels to report these foreigners to immigration,” the website states.


After the petition was launched last month it has already been featured in major news outlets in Thailand and overseas, including, The Thaiger, Bangkok Post and The Phuket News. Popular Thailand based blogger Richard Barrow is also championing the cause. 


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