Pattaya: Thai woman robbed of 50,000 baht of goods as she sat by the road in Jomtien

Pattaya: Thai woman robbed of 50,000 baht of goods as she sat by the road in Jomtien



Picture: Rak Siam News


Rak Siam News reported that Pattaya police were called after a Thai woman reported she had been robbed at knife point on beach road Jomtien.


The incident happened to Wasana, 46, as she sat near the Dong Tan police booth around 8.30 pm last night.


She told Captain Maneerak Jansanthia that she had been sitting down when a poorly dressed Thai man came and sat down next to her. 



Picture: Rak Siam News


She said he was 160 cms tall, wearing a black shirt and long pants. 


He started telling her his life's worries and she lent a sympathetic ear. 


Then it turned nasty. 


The man produced a knife and demanded that she hand over the contents of her bag.


He got an iPhone 10 worth 45,000 baht, an iPhone 5 worth 4,000 baht, $100 in US currency and about 4,000 baht cash. It all added up to over 50,000 baht worth of goods, she said. 


The man then sauntered off as if nothing had happened, she said. 


Several posters on the Rak Siam News site expressed skepticism about the story. 


Police are investigating but have yet to get a positive lead in the case. 


Source: Rak Siam News


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