Train derails going south - parts of the track found at second hand shop in Cha-Am

Train derails going south - parts of the track found at second hand shop in Cha-Am



Thai caption: Found! The evidence at a shop dealing in second hand goods


Police have discovered railway track parts at a dealership in second hand goods in Cha-Am.


The discovery came after a southbound train derailed around midday on Monday. 


There were about 300 people on the Thonburi to Lang Suan train (number 255) when six out of the eight carriages derailed at 12.04pm between Huay Sai Tai and Hua Hin stations. 



Picture: Daily News


No one was injured and the passengers took refuge from the midday heat in a tunnel. 


Worawut Mala of the State Railways of Thailand said that a large amount of restraining sheets and nails had been removed from the tracks and damage to concrete structures had been found over several hundred meters of the track. 





Picturea: 77kaoded


Much of the removed items were found yesterday afternoon in the Rung Charoen second hand goods dealership in Cha-Am. 


Pol Maj-Gen Thianchai Khamapaso led a detail of police and SRT officials to the shop.


The trains south were running normally again by 1 am this morning. 


The hunt is now on for the people who stole the parts of the track. 


Sources: 77kaoded | Daily News




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