Hua Hin: Market trader stabs security man to death for having a go at his dog

Hua Hin: Market trader stabs security man to death for having a go at his dog
Picture: Talknewsonline
Talknewsonline reported that an 18 year old trader in "20 baht goods" at a Hua Hin market stall viciously stabbed a security man to death on Sunday night after he swore at his pet guard dog. 
"A" in full face helmet was taken to the Dinosaur Mai (new) market in Khao Noi in downtown Hua Hin yesterday for a reenactment. 
Many other traders and members of the public looked on as deputy Prajuab Khirikhan commander Pol Col Withawat Srithongjoy led the suspect around the market. 
The suspect has admitted murdering Kittisak "Luang" Phongsai, 39.
"A" said that he had been drinking with friends and was returning to his stall to sleep. He was approached by the security man to identify himself. 
At that moment "Phak Bung", a dog that the suspect had raised since she was a puppy and was used to guard his stall, ran out and started barking.
This annoyed the guard who started standing and swearing at the dog. 
This in turn annoyed the suspect who picked up a fruit paring knife from his stall and started attacking the guard to the neck and body until he slumped dead on the ground. 
He then went to bed at the stall as if nothing had happened and was soon arrested. 
He is now in custody and facing the consequences of his actions. 
Source: Talknewsonline
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