Growing ganja in Thailand: Think again if you just want to get high

Growing ganja in Thailand: Think again if you just want to get high





The growing of ganja at home is on the verge of getting the green light. 


But those who think that it will be an easy way to get high might have to think again. 


What plants can be grown and the amount of THC in them is likely to be strictly regulated so that it conforms to standards related to the requirements of medical marijuana.  


THC is tetrahydrocannabinol - the chemical that is responsible for the psychological effects or "high" from cannabis. 


The higher limit of plants used to induce intoxication contain THC levels of around 30% of dry weight; the proposals in Thailand are to allow plants that have a fraction of this amount.


People who flout the incoming laws are still likely to be prosecuted, notes Thaivisa.


The Bhum Jai Party have proposed that the Thai population be allowed to grow up to six plants per family.


At the weekend they conducted a think tank open to the public to discuss what proposals to make in upcoming ministerial discussions regarding to the changing of a host of laws in relation to the drug, reported Workpoint News 


BJP listed the growing of ganja as one of their key election promises with billboards all over the country imploring voters to choose them as it would enable the Thai population to ease economic hardships by growing the ganga plants. 


But Dr Somneuk Siriphanthong at the meeting said that THC levels in plants should be low allowing them to be used for the medical ganja market. 


A figure of 0.5% was mentioned below which the drug could be sold for the cosmetics market. It was not clear what the upper limit of THC percentage should be and what recommendations would be made.


The provenance of the seeds will also need to form part of the law - people could not just grow any kind of cannabis they desire was the message from the meeting. 


Until the new laws come into effect the growing of ganja at home will be a gray area. 


If and when the law changes it may be hard to regulate with interpretation of the law by police and local authorities a key factor, notes Thaivisa. 


Source: Workpoint News




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