Pattaya: Police hotfoot it back to base as huge murder reenactment turns nasty

Pattaya: Police hotfoot it back to base as huge murder reenactment turns nasty



Image: Ruk Siam News


Some 200 police officers led by the Chonburi provincial police chief and the acting head of the Pattaya police took the suspect in the shooting murder of an influential and well connected local man on a reenactment to the scene of the crime yesterday. 


But as around 100 of the victim's friends tried to break through a police cordon the provincial chief ordered his men to head back to the Pattaya police station. 


The reenactment was of the murder in the early hours of a man who went by the nickname of "Tee Lai Kor Phai". The 37 year old was shot outside the Teng See bar in the Rung Land housing estate in South Pattaya. 


Injured in the incident was Chatchai, 37, who was shot in the head and is still in hospital. It happened at 5.30 am on the 11th according to Ruk Siam News. 


In a Facebook report the media gave more details of what happened. They said that Tee Lai and Chatchai started to have an argument at a birthday party and went out into the street.


A security guard at the pub who is a friend of Chatchai went out to help them settle their differences. 


But Tee Lai pulled out a gun and shot Chatchai in the head. 


The guard Warut Sae-jia or "Arm" ran into the pub and got a gun. He fired at Tee Lai multiple times because he was angry that his friend had been shot in front of him.


He then fled to his girlfriend's house in Surin where he was arrested and charged with murder and brought back to Pattaya. 


Yesterday Provincial police chief Pol Maj-Gen Nanthachart Suphamongkhon and acting Pattaya police chief Atinan Nutchanart mobilized 200 officers for the reenactment of the crime. 


Security was tight and the road leading to the housing estate was sealed off temporarily amid fears that friends of Tee Lai would try to lynch Warut. 


When Warut was led out of a police vehicle about 100 friends of the dead man tried to break through a police cordon.

Seeing that things had taken a bad turn Maj-Gen Nanthachart decided to call off the reenactment and head back to the Pattaya police station. 


Ruk Siam News said that the police were in control of the situation throughout. 


Thaivisa notes that several names and details in this story have changed from earlier reports.


No reports have specifically itemized what Tee Lai was known for in Pattaya. 


Source: Ruk Siam News



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