Phuket university’s safe-sex campaign attracts 390 volunteers

Phuket university’s safe-sex campaign attracts 390 volunteers

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Yesterday, saw the return of Prince of Songkhla University’s Safe Sex Campaign. Now in its third year, some 390 PSU students turned up to support the campaign by making safe sex packs, which are then distributed free to bars in Patong. The safe sex packs include a condom and lubricant.


It was the biggest turn-out of students since this corporate social responsibility program began 3 years ago. It was supported by students from all over the world, including many students studying the University’s intercultural communications course. 


Carex, the company who very kindly donate the condoms, shipped 60,000 condoms to PSU for the big day yesterday. Students then worked together to put the condoms together with lubricant and information on HIV testing, into packs for distribution. In the past this activity has always been well attended but yesterday saw the highest number of students taking part.


A whopping 40,000 safe sex pack were completed with 2 hours as 6 rooms on the campus were taken over as the students kept turning up to be involved.


The organisers would like to thank the PSU students for helping promote safer sex on the island of Phuket. 














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