Thai man grew ganja on his US buddy's property in Chiang Mai

Thai man grew ganja on his US buddy's property in Chiang Mai



Image: Workpoint News


A large amount of cannabis plants grown for their oil have been found on a property owned by a US man in Chiang Mai.


A Thai man said the American was his friend and he had asked him if he could grow the weed there. 


A checkpoint in the Samerng area of the northern Thai province had resulted in the arrest of a Thai man with 32 bottles of cannabis oil. 


The Fine Arts graduate from a Chiang Mai University told the police he had always had a fascination with ganja and had attended many events about growing weed. 


He asked his mate from America if he could use his property to grow it. 


He claimed that he had not made one baht from the operation - he wanted to help the poor and the sick. 


He added that he was going to a ganja growing event in Canada next month and didn't expect to be arrested.


He was booked for using and possessing a Class 5 drug. 


The bust resulted in a raid (with a warrant) conducted by Samerng police and an entourage of 30 officials to the US man's property on a hillside nearby. 


The raiding party found 29 cannabis plants and one kratom plant. 




The plants were intermingled in the grass and trees beside two bungalows and outbuildings on the property. 

Two boxes of dried ganja was also recovered.


The 59 year old American was asked if the plants and the dried ganja had anything to do with him.


Workpoint News did not report his answer. 




Source: Workpoint News



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