The ‘Baby Boomers’ Are Heading For Black Mountain


The ‘Baby Boomers’ Are Heading For Black Mountain




Hans Van Steertegem has joined Sansara Development Ltd as General Manager of the Sansara 50+ lifestyle project  to be launched this month; taking its place in the Black Mountain Master Plan.


Sansara has progressed past the concept analysis, research and external consultation stage and will now open an on-site sales office mid-April and display properties. Hans is a Belgian national with a background in the hospitality business and that’s what he’s eager to offer the future residents of Sansara – hospitality. His CV includes stints with the Marriott and InterContinental groups in management positions in Bali and China apart from Thailand. Hans is also in the 50+ age bracket, so he’s part of the target group; they’re the ‘Baby Boomers’! Many countries around the world are embracing the notion of giving the 50+ age group an opportunity for a lifestyle experience that is tailored to their particular needs. These facilities and standards are yet to be established in Thailand but in collaboration of IMG, experienced Australian consultants, Australian standards have become the Sansara benchmark. Apart from financial security, wellness options will include health insurance, on site assessment and treatment services, a modern Hua Hin hospital will be available should more specialised medical treatment be required. We asked Hans some important questions about what Sansara is about; Here are his answers.


Question If prospective residents have partners or children who are younger than 50+, can they still be accommodated? Answer Yes, other family members will be welcome to share the Sansara facilities with lease holders. However the age of lease holders being 50+ ensures a like-minded community with many common interests. Other family members and friends are welcome to visit.


Question Which nationalities are likely to become residents?
Answer We have had enquiries from many different nationalities including Scandinavians as well as from German, French, Thai and British nationals.


Question What activities and amenities will be available nearby so that trips to Hua Hin aren’t always necessary?
Answer Black Mountain is rapidly becoming a complete community. The golf course already offers dining options, a spa and everyday items for sale. Other daily shopping, coffee shops and casual dining will soon follow.


Question What will be available for residents to spend their time around Sansara each day?
Answer Imagine you are actually living at a resort where you can swim or laze around the pool, enjoy a massage, join special interest groups or even play pétanque. There will also be the opportunity to join excursions to nearby attractions or regional events


Question What is the price range of leases and the monthly fees?
Answer Expansive villas can be purchased for 18 million THB, apartments for 8.5 million THB. The monthly ‘club fee’, which covers every imaginable maintenance and amenity on site, will be 18,000 THB per month. From Hans “We believe that Sansara is the way of the future. Sansara is providing a new offering for people who are 50+ that delivers security, low maintenance and a great community atmosphere for those that are and wish to remain young at heart.” Mid April will see a sales gallery open at Black Mountain where Sansara will soon overlook the newest nine holes of this renowned international golf course. In the meantime check out www.sansara. asia or contact GM Hans by email at [email protected] for more information.




-- Hua Hin Today 2017-4-3

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