Nate apologises for railway-track coin prank and may face charges

PUBLISHED ON TUE, JUL 18, 2017 11:55 AM

Nate apologises for railway-track coin prank and may face charges





YOUTUBE PRANKSTER Nate Bartling, better known on Facebook as My Mate Nate, yesterday apologised to the State Railway of Thailand (SRT) over his video clip in which he placed several coins on a railway track to test their strength.

He said after meeting SRT deputy governor Thanongsak Pongprasert that he would use this incident as a lesson and was ready to take responsibility for what he had done.


Meanwhile Pol Colonel Alongkorn Sirisongkram, of Prawes district police station, said that Bartling would be summonsed to meet police tomorrow as he was alleged to have broken railway rules in connection with his latest video clip.


The summons followed a complaint by State Railway station officials that he broke the Railway Act by entering SRT lands without permission and damaging the railway’s property.


Bartling and a friend were seen in a video clip posted on the Internet placing several coins on a railway track and letting a train to run over them.


He said in the clip that he wanted to test the strength of the coins to know which country’s coins were the strongest.

His video drew negative criticism, with many writing that he should find something useful to do. After receiving the complaint, Alongkorn and railway police visited an area about 1.5 kilometres from Tab Chang railway station on Chalermprakiat Road in Prawes district and found the location where Bartling conducted his experiment.


They found a Hong Kong coin on a side of the track and some damage to the tracks, making them believe that it was the location where Bartling had placed the coins.


 Alongkorn said: “We have to take legal action on Bartling and his friend as we are worried of copycat acts by somebody.” It is believed that his rented house is not far from the site where the coin was found.


He reiterated that the public should know that putting something on the railway tracks could do harm to the trains.

Bartling said after the meeting with the deputy SRT governor, that to make amends he would produce a documentary about tourism in Thailand by using trains. 


He lamented that he had done many good videos but was negatively criticised for only two mistakes.


He was sad that a large number of people have sought his deportation from Thailand as he had no proper visa. He said he had a work permit to work in Thailand.


Immigration police at the press briefing examined his immigration document and found it to be legitimate.


He said also that he was now afraid to leave his home, fearing for his safety as many people did not like his video clips.


In another controversial video posted before the coin experiment, he organised, recorded and posted a fight between his own cat and a scorpion.


Many cat lovers sought police action against him, alleging animal cruelty. More than 120,000 people signed a petition to have him arrested. 


Pol Colonel Alongkorn said that a police complaint of animal cruelty was filed about his cat-scorpion video at Huay Kwang police station and has been transferred to Prawes station.


“I will investigate the complaint and if he is found guilty, he would be charged with animal cruelty,” Alongkorn said.



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