"I didn't go out drinking after killing soldier" says hit and run driver shamed on social media


"I didn't go out drinking after killing soldier" says hit and run driver shamed on social media



File photo: Sanook


A Chiang Mai pick-up driver who piled into a motorcycle killing a soldier at the lights has complained about his treatment online.


Natthawit, 31, killed Camp Kawila soldier Thanathon,30, as he was waiting at a red light at Nawarat Bridge in the northern Thai city.


Natthawit then fled the scene. He was later known to have parked his pick-up at an entertainment venue and gone inside.


The online community turned on him but yesterday Natthawit turned himself in to Mae Ping police to say he had been wronged.


He has admitted to killing the soldier but said he didn't go out boozing afterwards. He said he went to see his brother who works in a pub.


"I panicked," he said. "I didn't know what to do so I went to see my brother".


He said that he had been in touch with the family of the soldier and accepted responsibility for what happened. He said he was stressed and has been unable to sleep.


He turned up to police with an insurance representative and signed the rap sheet.


He missed the victim's family at the station. They said they wanted the matter to be dealt with according to the law.


Sanook did not mention what charges he is or will be facing in the matter.


Another person was also injured in the incident.


Source: Sanook

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