Cheap shops told to sell only TISI-certified goods

PUBLISHED ON THU, AUG 10, 2017 2:37 AM

Cheap shops told to sell only TISI-certified goods

By The Nation




Shops selling cheap Bt20-per-piece products in Chiang Mai have insisted that they would not risk breaking the law by selling sub-standard goods.


Their reaction followed a recent ruling by the Thai Industrial Standards Institute (TISI) that all shops sell only TISI-certified goods, in a bid to tackle complaints about the poor quality of cheap products.


Yosita Wathakan, a shop manager in Muang Chiang Mai, said she heard about the new rule from social media. She said she would comply with the regulation if the institute provided information, including a clear guideline on the TISI-certified product selection, as some goods did not carry the TISI symbol. 


She agreed with the rule regarding electrical appliances as the substandard ones could pose a hazard.


Another shop owner in Khamphaeng Din area on Muang Chiang Mai, who asked not to be named, said his shop sold TISI-certified products and he would not risk breaking the law and being punished with hefty fines or jail time.


TISI secretary-general Pisit Rangsaritwutikul had earlier said that his office had already called on operators of Bt20-a-piece shops at various malls and communities to discuss selling TISI-certified products as many consumers had complained about poor quality products. 


He said they agreed to sell only TISI-certified goods on items such as electrical switches, crayons, lighters and solid alcohol. Retailers who failed to abide by the rule would face a Bt5,000 to Bt50,000 fine and/or one-month imprisonment, he said.


Pisit also said that his office would soon issue another regulation to add powerbanks to its list of obligatory products to receive the TISI seal of approval. 


Office of the Consumer Protection Board deputy chief Phikhanet Tapoung said they were prepared to issue a regulation for plastic drinking-water and food containers to be a controlled-label product. 


Officials found that many restaurants and roadside food stalls used containers that were intended for cool/normal temperature items to instead carry hot food, he said. This posed a danger to health as the chemicals in plastic containers could melt into the food, he added.



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