Dolphins saved - Pattaya decides to keep iconic "landmark" roundabout

PUBLISHED ON THU, SEP 14, 2017 11:24 AM

Dolphins saved - Pattaya decides to keep iconic "landmark" roundabout



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PATTAYA: -- In a dramatic U-turn the Pattaya authorities have decided to save the dolphins!


These are not some endangered aquatic creatures braving the resorts murky depths but relate to the roundabout near the seaside that has now been saved.


Locals were in uproar a couple of months ago when it was announced that the roundabout would be ripped out and replaced by boring traffic lights.


Officials said it was the only way to solve Pattaya's traffic woes.


One official even told the public at the time to shut up - the authority were not going to listen to any more complaints and were going to scrap the dolphins whether they liked it or not.


Now they have bowed to public pressure in what on the face of it looks like an embarrassing U-turn but is being explained away as a response to the interests of the public and, actually, is a better plan after all.


The decision was made at a top level meeting at City Hall this week in the presence of the Pattaya mayor and other bigwigs to reprieve the dolphins.


Further studies will be carried out to determine how best to solve the traffic crisis.


The meeting started with a lot of back slapping at how well everyone had done to bring the baht buses (song thaews) under control with stricter regulations about hiring them and where they could stop.


The assembly was told that this was in line with the military government's policy to bring more order to Pattaya.


But it was the dolphin roundabout that was then center stage at the meeting.


Sinchai Wattanasatsathorn said that the problem of traffic congestion in the resort could not solely be blamed on the roundabout.


More work was needed to find other broader and longer lasting solutions.


So the 6.9 million baht scheme is now history and the iconic landmark will remain.


Source: Manager Online

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